How Can I Get Free Straight Talk Minutes?

Is there a way to get a free month of straight talk?


It is so easy.

Just enter your phone # or text REWARDS to 611611.

Members, text REFER to 611611 to get your code.

Gift your unique referral code to as many friends as you want and tell them to switch to Straight Talk (they will love the savings)..

How do I get more minutes on my straight talk phone?

Can I add Minutes, Messages & Data to another person’s Straight Talk phone? Yes, you may buy and add a Service Card for somebody else. You will need to add the Service Card online at or by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (2355).

How can I get a free $45 Straight Talk Card?

Get your unique code – and start sharing! * Friend must switch to Straight Talk and join our Rewards program. Each referral will give you enough reward points for a free $45 plan. Additional points are required for higher priced plans.

What time of day does straight talk end?

If you choose not to renew your Straight Talk wireless plan, your service will end on your stated ending date at the same time that you activated the service. For example, if you activated your 30-day Straight Talk plan at 2:57 p.m., it would stop working at 2:57 p.m. on your plan’s stated ending date.

Does Straight Talk have a grace period?

“If you do not refill your Straight Talk account within 30 days after the Service End Date, your Straight Talk phone number will be lost. ”

Can you retrieve deleted text messages from straight talk?

To recover deleted texts with straight talk, you need to with the aid of professional data recovery tools. It can deeply scan your phone to find out the deleted texts, once you find them, you can recover them.

How can I get free minutes on my phone?

If you are on welfare, food stamps or disability, you may ask the dispensing government agency for a referral to a program that provides prepaid phones and free minutes. Register with the program for your phone and minutes, and will be able to re-load your phone card each month with free minutes from the program.

Can I get an extension on straight talk?

Does Straight Talk give payment extensions? No, you need to add a plan to your reserve. You can also enroll in Autopay and save $5 a month.

Do straight talk minutes expire?

Does my unused data roll over on straight talk wireless? … Once you start a new Plan cycle, you will lose any unused minutes, data, and Service Days remaining under your current Plan. You will not receive a refund or credit for any unused minutes, data or Service Days once you begin a new Plan cycle.

How do you check your balance on straight talk?

Check Straight Talk Balance by PhoneDial *611 to get to Straight Talk customer service.Select option 1 or 2 for English or Spanish.Select Option 3 to check airtime balance.A voice will read out your telephone number and ask you to confirm. Say “Yes” if correct.Wait. … Hang up and read text message.

Can you make payments on straight talk phones?

Straight Talk pre-paid plans are purchased on a month-to-month basis, so you can easily choose another plan without any hassle or additional costs.

How many points do you need to get a free service plan?

5,000 pointsyour friend can earn 5,000 points. 5,000 Points = a FREE Service Plan.