How Can I Get HDFC Cashback?

How can I get 10 avail HDFC discount on Flipkart?

To avail the offer, customers need to HDFC Bank Cards and EMI to checkout on

As part of the offer, HDFC Bank is providing 10 percent Instant Discount with HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Credit/Debit EMI Transactions.

A flat Rs 500 Instant Discount is provided for HDFC Bank Debit Card Transactions..

Can reward points be converted to cash?

Few credit card providers allow their cardholders to convert their reward points into cash. Depending on the type of card you hold, you can use your reward points to pay your annual fee. Cardholders can use their reward points to make flight or hotel bookings.

How does HDFC Cash back work?

HDFC Visa Value cash-back credit card, for instance, lets you avail cash-back only when your outstanding balance is Rs 10,000 or above. … Fee: Cash-back cards are not free. Issuers charge a joining fee between Rs 500 and Rs 2,000.

How can I get HDFC cashback from Flipkart?

Extra-Ordinary Flipkart HDFC Bank Credit Card Offer 2020 According to the new HDFC bank Flipkart offer in 2020, you are eligible to get 10% extra cashback when you shop for different products. However, the minimum order that you need to make is of Rs. 25,000 and you can get maximum cashback of Rs. 1750 per card.

How can I check my HDFC debit card offer?

All HDFC Bank Debit Card holders are eligible. Check your pre-approved loan amount: SMS DCEMI to 5676712.

How can I activate my HDFC debit card?

You need to login to the respective bank’s internet banking portal. Once you log in, go to the section marked as ‘Debit Card’. There will be instructions on how to generate an ATM PIN for your Debit Card. Generate an ATM PIN by following those instructions and your Debit Card will be activated online.

How can I apply for HDFC debit card?

How to apply for Debit Card Online?You can visit your bank’s website and apply for a debit/ Credit Card in the personal banking/ retail banking section.Within Debt Cards as well, you can choose which category you wish to apply for.More items…

What is HDFC debit card points?

HDFC Bank Rewards Debit Card – Spend & Earn up to 2000 Reward Points Every Month. You are logged out due to an inavlid browser activity.

Can I convert HDFC reward points to cash?

Redemption of reward points for cash back is available only on select cards. You need to fill out the HDFC Bank Credit Card Cash Back Redemption Coupon and submit it. You need at least 500 points to be eligible for redemption. The cash back will be credited to your card account within 10 working days.

What is HDFC cashback offer?

What is the HDFC Bank Debit Card and Credit Cards Offer (“Offer”)? (a) Shop on using your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card to avail 10% cashback with HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card up to a maximum of Rs.4,500 per card. The minimum order value has to be Rs.

How are reward points calculated?

The simplest way to calculate the value of your credit card points is to divide the dollar value of the reward by the number of points required to redeem it. For example, if it takes 50,000 points to get a $650 airplane ticket, your points are worth about 1.3 cents each.

Which is best credit card in HDFC?

Best HDFC Credit Card OnlineHDFC Bank Credit CardsCategoryJoining FeeMoneyback CardCashback, Rewards₹ 500Platinum Edge CardCashback, Shopping₹ 1,000Platinum Times CardLifestyle, Rewards, Travel and Airline₹ 1,000Regalia CardPremium, Rewards, Travel and Airline₹ 2,50014 more rows

What is HDFC smart pay?

SmartPay is a customer friendly feature that allows you to automatically make all your utility bill payments through your HDFC Bank Credit Card. You can use SmartPay to pay your electricity bills, telephone bills, mobile phone bills, water bills, gas bills and insurance premiums.

How HDFC reward points are calculated?

HDFC Bank Credit Card Reward Point Value in Rupees So, the value of one reward point in HDFC credit card is 30 paisa and if you are redeeming it at HDFC All Miles then its value increases to 50 paise.

What is the limit of HDFC debit card?

Dynamic Limits on Debit CardsDebit Card VariantCurrent Default Debit Card Shopping LimitAggregate Daily Shopping Limits (only on select MCCs)Rupay Premium Debit Card1.25 (Rs Lakhs)3 (Rs Lakhs)Platinum Debit Card & Business Debit Card5.00 (Rs Lakhs)-4 more rows

Does HDFC reward points expire?

In case of HDFC Bank, as per the existing details on its website as on 18 February, the reward points have a validity of two years from the date of accrual. So if 100 reward points accrue at the end of February 2019, these 100 reward points will be valid till February 2021.

Is PayZapp only for HDFC customers?

PayZapp is the application from HDFC that deal in recharging, bill payment, money transfer, ticket Booking, and shopping. It works very well with all customer of any bank who have debit & credit card (Currently only Visa & master cards are supported).

What is smart buy in HDFC?

SmartBuy is a platform only for display of offers extended by Merchants to HDFC Bank’s Customers, and HDFC Bank is not selling/rendering any of these Products/Services. … If the Customer proceeds from here, any purchase of a Product/Service will only be through the HDFC Bank’s credit/debit cards/net banking facility.

What is the value of HDFC reward points?

HDFC Credit Card Reward PointsHDFC Credit CardsReward PointsHDFC Freedom1 Reward Points for every Rs.150JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World6 Intermiles per Rs.150HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles4 Reward Points for every Rs.150HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewardz3 Reward Points for every Rs.1504 more rows•Nov 3, 2020

How do I check my SmartBuy cashback?

Visit Amazon tab/icon via HDFC Bank SmartBuy portal / mobile site, shop as usual and pay with your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card. When and where will I get the cashback or reward points? Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.

How can I convert my HDFC gift card to cash?

To redeem the code, visit the website of the retailer and sign in to your account. Once signed in, look out for a link that says Redeem Gift Code. These places are usually text bars where some text has to be input. On typing in the code, the Gift Card gets redeemed and the amount gets credited.