How Do I Reset My JioFi?

How do I know if my device is JioFi connected?

Step-2: After connecting your PC or mobile with the wifi network of your Jiofi device, now open a web browser ( we recommend Chrome for better user experience) and enter one of the following URLs http://jiofi.local.html or

Step-3: As soon as you click enter, you will see a network status page..

How do I log into my Jio fiber router?

Turn on PC/ Laptop & make sure you connected to your Giga Fiber Router. Type 192.168. 29.1 in the browser to log in to web configuration utility. Enter ‘admin’ as username and ‘Jiocentrum’ as a password.

What is recovery mode of Jio phone?

Recovery Mode LYF Jio Phone 2First, switch your LYF Jio Phone 2 off by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds.Now press the A and Power keys both at the same time until the Jio logo appears.As soon as KaiOS Recovery appears, release all held keys.More items…

How do I reset my Jio phone?

First method:First thing you have to do to perform hard reset on your LYF Jio Phone is uncover your phone and lift off the battery for a couple of seconds.\Next, you have to put battery and cover back in.After this you have to hold together the Power key and 8 key in order to enter the Recovery panel.More items…

How do I find my Jio WIFI password?

The user first needs to connect their JioFi router and open MyJio app on the smartphone. Tap on My Device section present at the bottom of the screen. From here, the user needs to click on setting icon at the top-right corner and further select the “Change Password” option mentioned below the SSID.

What to do if dongle is not working?

To restart your dongle, unplug it and after ten seconds plug it in again. This will restart the dongle. Your computer has finished starting up before you try to connect to our network. Your dongle may not have been found when you plug it in if your computer hasn’t finished starting up.

Why does JioFi show no Internet connection?

Be sure device is on and battery is charged. Be sure , network bar indicator is showing green /blue on jiofi device, if showing red , your device out of network. Be sure , youe connected device should be in between 10 meter area of jiofi.

What is WPS button in JioFi?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a wireless network security standard that allows to make connections between a router (JioFi) and wireless devices like smartphones or tablets without password.

How do I hard reset my f220b?

Hard Reset LYF F220BFirst of all you have to unlock your LYF F220B by pressing Power button.After that, you have to open the Settings on your phone.Then choose Reset factory settings.Well done, all data has been cleaned from your phone.

What do I do when my Jio phone wont turn on?

1) Turn off your mobile. 2) Now press volume up + power key at same time until screen goes white. 3) After that you may be entered in recovery mode now select wipe data and factory reset option via using up and down buttons and power key is used to cofirm or select the option.

How do I reset my JioFi username and password?

How to Reset Jiofi 4 Password?Connect your Phone or Laptop to the JioFi 4 device.Open your web browser.Select the Login option, given on the top right corner.Enter the username and password as ‘administrator’Under the ‘Settings’ tab, click on ‘WiFi Settings/Configuration’Reset JioFi Password, as per your wish.More items…•

What is my JioFi username and password?

A device connected with the JioFi device, either wirelessly or using a USB cable. Login ID and password for the configuration portal (default username and password is ‘administrator’).

How do I update my JioFi 2?

How To Upgrade JioFi Firmware?Power on your JioFi device.Connect it to a PC or a mobile device.Once the page opens, log in into the Admin panel using the login credentials. … Once logged in, click on the firmware option.You will see a configuration backup option there. … Now, go to Settings > Firmware Upgrade.More items…

How can I change my JioFi password without connecting?

Connect JIOFI Without Password on AndroidGo to Settings and Turn on the Wi-Fi of your phone and you will see your router name there.Now click on more options and choose WPS Push Button. … Press and hold the WPS button of your Jiofi given at the side of jiofi.More items…•

Why is my JioFi not working?

You can reset JioFi router to fix its problems. To hard reset JioFi, remove its flip cover but don’t remove battery. … Just grab a screwdriver and put it into the reset slot and press and hold the button until your JioFi router restarts then release then button. Now check your JioFi device.

How do I change my JioFi 4 username and password?

Change JioFi Name (SSID) and Password for JioFiStep 1:Connect device to your JioFi over Wi-Fi or USB.Step 2: Open the browser on your device and type the URL: http: //jiofi.local.html and press enter.Step 3: Tap on Login button on top right of browser screen.Step 4:When prompted enter User ID – administrator and Password – administrator and tap on login.More items…

How do I factory reset my JioFi 4?

To turn OFF the device, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds. Occasionally, you may need to perform a Factory reset when you forget login username or password. To reset, press the Power button and the WPS button simultaneously for 5 seconds. The four LED indicators will blink in blue at the same time.