How Do You Share Balance?

How can I transfer balance from one SIM to another?

Balance TransferNow you don’t have to register for using the balance transfer service.To transfer, just type the amount (For example, 20) in a text message body and send SMS to 1212 018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s number).You will be auto registered for the service after the first transaction.More items….

How can I share my jazz MB with a friend?

To use Mobile Internet Share a customer will have to send XXMB in an SMS to 7777 (e.g. 100MB0321xxxxxxx). With this command, respective mobile internet bundled will be shared with your friend while charges will be deducted from your account balance.

How can I share my Zong balance online?

Zong Yaari Load Code 2021: Share mobile balance with your friends, family or any other Zong user. Simply Dial *828# and your balance will be shared, The format is given with example here. Its easy to send mobile balance to any one with these easy balance sharing codes.

Can I share balance from Warid to jazz?

Warid customers can now easily share their balance by simply dialing a subscription code Dial *100*<9230xxxxxxxx>*# in just Rs. 4.77 per share. In this article, we will tell you the latest method with which Jazz Warid subscribers can easily transfer balance to any Jazz number or Warid number without any difficulty.

How do I transfer MBS to another number?

Sambaza InternetDial *544#Select Internet Sambaza.Enter amount of internet data bundles to Sambaza.Enter the mobile number you want to sambaza.

How can I share my jazz balance?

Share balance with your loved onesUsage Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#Usage Dial *100*<9230xxxxxxxx>* amount#Charges Rs 4.77 + Tax/Transaction.Max Share Limit Rs 500/Transaction.Max amount transferred per day Rs.500.

How can I share my jazz balance minimum?

Simply Dial *100*<9230xxxxxxxx> *# and your balance will be shared, The format is given with example here. Price: Rs. When you use Jazz Share you will be asked to confirm a message that you receive. The transaction will be completed once the confirmation message is received.

How can I share free minutes on jazz?

Shared incentive is applicable to prepaid customers only. 30 Jazz Minutes will be shareable in a single transaction by dialing *308#. There are no restrictions on the number of times minutes can be shared with a single customer.

How can I share MB on Telenor?

Dial *124*1# or MyTelenorApp. My friend transferred me 300 MB. How do I know I received the shal suboo share amount from my friend? You will receive the following messages.