Question: Which Bank Gives 9 FD Rates?

How many years FD will double?

To know the time duration in which your FD amount will get doubled, you have to divide 72 with the highest rate.

For example, if the highest rate on FD is 6.95%, then the number of years in which your FD will get doubled is 72/6.95= 10.36..

What is the interest rate for 1 crore fixed deposit?

As of now, the interest rate on Rs 1 crore fixed deposit range from 6.0% to 7.5% for most large banks (senior citizens get extra, generally additional 0.5% in fixed deposits in all banks).

Which bank FD rate is high 2020?

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Comparison 2020BankFD Interest RatesSenior Citizen FD Interest RatesPNB3.00% – 5.25%3.50% – 5.75%HDFC5.85% – 6.25%6.10% – 6.50%Allahabad Bank2.90% – 5.15%3.40% – 5.65%Andhra Bank3.00% – 5.40%3.50% – 5.90%48 more rows

Which bank gives the best fixed deposit rates in Malaysia?

Best Fixed Deposit Promos – December 2020BankEffective Rate (% p.a.)Hong Leong Bank (eFixed Deposit-i)– 2.30 (3 months) – 2.35 (6 months) – 2.25 (12 months)OCBC Bank (Premier Deal)2.90OCBC Bank (Online FD Promo)1.90Public Bank (Fixed Deposit/Term Deposit-i)– 2.08 (3 months) – 2.28 (8 months)6 more rows•7 days ago

Is Post Office FD safe?

However, post office term deposits are totally risk-free as they are backed by the government. Bank FDs are insured only up to R1 lakh. … If you are looking for a safe investment, bank FDs are suitable for you.

Which is better Post Office FD or bank FD?

There is complete safety as the entire amount in post office time deposit is backed by a government guarantee. Even the interest rate is higher than bank FD in most cases. However, there is no monthly, half-yearly or quarterly interest payout options, hence PO time deposits may not suit those who need regular income.

What is better than fixed deposit?

Popular investments under this scheme include PPF, Post office time deposit, Senior citizen savings scheme, and Monthly income scheme among others. PPF, a long-term investment option offers guaranteed returns and offers a return of 7.90 per cent, and also falls under the EEE category (exempt, exempt and exempt).

Can I get monthly interest on FD?

Yes. You can get a monthly interest payout, if you choose periodic payouts, and select monthly frequency. When you invest your money in FDs, you gain interest on your principal amount, which can be obtained periodically.

Which bank gives good FD rates?

Best FD Interest Rates in India 2020BankSenior Citizen’s FD Interest RatesTenureHDFC Bank3.25% – 6.00%7 days to 1826 daysICICI Bank3.25% – 6.00%7 days to 1826 daysIDBI Bank3.50% – 6.40%7 days to 3651 daysIDFC Bank4.50% – 8.75%7 days to 266815 days29 more rows

Which bank is highest interest?

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates by Different BanksBankTenureInterest rateICICI Bank7 days to 10 years4% to 7.25%Punjab National Bank7 days to 10 years5.70% to 6.85%HDFC Bank7 days to 10 years3.5% to 7.40%Axis Bank7 days to 10 years3.5% to 7.25%2 more rows

What is the interest of 1 lakh in SBI?

2.75%Interest Rates on Savings Bank DepositsSavings Bank deposit slabsExisting Rate of InterestSB Deposit accounts with balances upto Rs. 1 lakh2.75% p.aSB Deposit accounts with balances above Rs. 1 lakhi) 2.75% p.a. for balance upto Rs. 1 lakh ii) 2.75% p.a. for balance above Rs. 1 lakh.