Quick Answer: How Do I Make My Axis Camera Default?

How do I set up my axis camera?

Configuring an Axis CameraConnect the camera.

Connect the Axis camera to the computer using an Ethernet cable.

Configure computer IP address.

Set your computer’s IP address to 192.168.

Launch the Setup Axis Camera Tool.

Setup the Camera.

Manual Camera Configuration.

Setup Page.

Configure Users.

Configure Image Settings.More items…•.

What is the IP camera activation password?

123450) IP cameras HIKVISION supplied to IP address 192.0. 0.64 and the default password is 12345. Starting with version 5.3. 0 firmware, connecting IP cameras HIKVISION to the network is the new procedure.

What port do Axis cameras use?

AXIS Camera Station server to devicePortNumberProtocolMain HTTP and HTTPS ports80 & 443TCPDefault bonjour port5353UDPDefault SSDP port1900UDPDefault WS-Discovery port3702UDP

What is the default password for Vivotek IP cameras?

Vivotek: root/ Ubiquiti: ubnt/ubnt. Uniview: admin/123456. W-Box (Hikvision OEM, old): admin/wbox123.

How do I make my Axis IP camera default?

Axis Factory ResetDisconnect the camera from the power supply and ethernet.Remove the four screws securing the rear cover and remove it.Keep the Control button pressed while you restore the power supply.Hold down the button for about 15 seconds until the status LED is yellow flashing.Release the Control Button.

What is the default password for AXIS Camera?

The default user of an AXIS product is “root” and previously the default password was “pass”.

How do I find my axis camera on my network?

To navigate to the camera’s Device Details page, select Devices in the navigation bar to the left in your Room Alert Account, and then select your camera from the device list. You may find the unit’s IP address listed under Local IP.

How do I reset my AXIS m3045?

Reset to Factory Default SettingsDisconnect power from the product.Press and hold the control dutton and reconnect power. … Keep the control dutton pressed for 15–30 seconds until the status LED indicator flashes amder.Release the control dutton.More items…

How do you reset a camera?

To reset the camera application settings:Open the camera application and touch .Tap Settings .Tap General.Select Reset and Yes.