Quick Answer: Is RD Sharma Enough For JEE?

How can I cheat in JEE mains?

19 tips & tricks to cheat at IIT JEE – Shortcut your way to the…1Identify the Concept.

2Ensure you master chapter 1 of physics from your class 11 NCERT book.

3NCERT book of chemistry is your bible.

4Filter the choices and eliminate to identify the right answer.

5Do not get confused.

6Make Diagrams.

7Modern physics – easiest Topic that fetches you 20-25 Marks.

8Reverse Engineering.More items…•.

Is Aggarwal enough for boards?

The concepts should be very much clear. And the formulas should be learnt by heart. If both of these parameters are followed, then NCERT and RS Aggarwal are sufficient enough for scoring 90+ in board examination . All the best for your exam!

Is TMH maths good for IIT?

TMH Mathematics: The TMH mathematics book for JEE Advanced has a good level of questions. One might not find detailed theory in this book. There is a crisp and concise theory along with solved examples and unsolved questions. The mix of questions is good as there are different types of questions in the book.

Is RS Aggarwal enough for class 10?

Rs aggarwal is good for board but you can’t say it to be enough. If you are thinking to crack jee after 12. Then you should prepare for it from now . For that you need to do some extra books from class 10 that will provide good platform in 12.

Is RD Sharma Good for Class 8?

RD Sharma Class 8 Solution RD Sharma is one of the renowned books for mathematics, which is followed by the students of all boards. … Class 8 is the basic foundational class for the students and it is essential for them to have a good understanding of the concepts rather than memorizing them.

Is cengage maths good for JEE mains?

This book is good for both JEE Mains and advanced. Our advice is to stick to one book per subject. For example, buy only one book for algebra, stick to it. If completed then try to solve problems from as many sources as possible.

Is RD Sharma Class 11 good for JEE?

Answer. RD Sharma, NCERT and previous year question papers will be more than enough for JEE mains and you will score evey good marks in mathematics.

What is the world’s toughest exam?

Toughest Exams In The WorldGaokao. … IIT-JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination. … UPSC- Union Public Service Commission. … Mensa. … GRE- Graduate Record Examinations. … CFA- Chartered Financial Analyst. … All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam. … Master Sommelier Diploma Exam.More items…•

Is RD Sharma alive?

Science communicator, R.D.Sharma, has passed away. He was 73. A former media consultant at India office of International Rice Research Institute,Sharma was known for his insightful writings on different aspects of science for the benefit of the lay public.

Is Aakash better or Fiitjee?

But over here, FIITJEE is better than AAKASH in terms of quality of faculty and in quality of education provided. Here in AAKASH the behavior and knowledge of the faculty is not good but in FIITJEE we have first class teachers and get dumdaar education.

Who wrote RD Sharma?

RD Sharma, a prominent mathematician, educator and author of several textbooks. The name RD Sharma is enough to make the average student feel a chill down the spine. Ravi Dutt Sharma’s Math guidance books are nothing less than Bible for students aiming to crack engineering entrance exams.

Is TMH enough for JEE mains?

If it is for JEE mains, in my opinion, both the books are more than enough. In fact you won’t be needing such complicated books for JEE mains. You don’t need both the books for chemistry. You can TMH for mathematics, coordinate geometry and calculus to be more specific.

Does JEE Main repeat questions?

Yes, previous year questions can be repeated but it is not compulsory. You will get a idea about the exam pattern and level of the questions asked in the exam.

Is Jee easy?

No, because JEE Ranks are always based on relative performance. … You should never get scared of a tough JEE paper. It’s the same for all JEE aspirants.

Which is better BYJU or Vedantu?

BYJU’S scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management, Culture & Values, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Vedantu scored higher in 2 areas: Work-life balance and CEO Approval.

Which coaching is best for IIT?

Here is the list of best 10 coaching institutes for IIT JEE Main/Advanced preparation in India:Allen. … Resonance. … FIITJEE. … Narayana. … Aakash. … Vibrant Academy. … PACE. … Vidyamandir Classes. Run by a group of Ex-IITians, Vidyamandir Classes have been able to produce extraordinary results over the past years.More items…•

Can a weak student crack IIT?

IIT JEE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams in India. A question that comes in mind of many students who want to clear JEE is – “Can a weak or below average student crack the JEE exam?” The answer of the question is a big YES.

What is a good percentage in Class 10?

90%A good percentage in class 10 board exam is the one which is better than your previous percentage. Above 90% can also be considered as a good percentage in the board exams.

Which book is best for board exam?

Which Are the Best Reference Books for Class 10th CBSE?SubjectReference Books for Class XCBSE Class 10 Maths BookR.D. SharmaR.S. AggarwalCBSE Class 10 English BookEnglish Communicative – Oswaal School BooksCBSE Class 10 Science Book – PhysicsLakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur9 more rows•Sep 5, 2019

Which is better RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma?

Being almost three times as thick as R.S. Aggarwal class 10, R.D. Sharma’s math textbook is definitely more expansive and has a lot more solved examples from a plethora of exams both from boards and competitive, however, it is that very thing that puts off a lot of students from adopting it.

Is BYJU’s enough for JEE?

IIT JEE preparatuon tests your grip on basic concepts so you need to work on all basic topics. … For JEE preparation, you need to work on numericals and searching every small topic on Byju’s is very difficult. So it is necessary that you must have a better alternative for JEE preparation.

Is cengage maths good for JEE?

To be honest, NCERT isn’t needed much in Mathematics, but you can read it for JEE(Main) specific topics or boards. … So, you can choose between Arihant Skills in Mathematics or Cengage series by G. Tewani. Both have good questions, but I found Arihant to be good.

What is the full name of RS Aggarwal?

R. S. AggarwalR.S. Aggarwal/Full name

Who is Ravi Dutt Sharma?

Meet Dr Ravi Dutt Sharma — mathematics teacher and author of 25 reference books — whose name evokes as much awe as the subject he teaches. And though students have used his thick tomes for the last 31 years to ace the dreaded maths exam, it’s only recently that a spoof video turned the tutor into a YouTube star.