Quick Answer: What Is TM Surf 70?

Is gosakto90 can be extended?

Can I use GS EXTEND to extend the validity of free GoWATCH and Play.


Your Freebie is not extendable.

If you want to continue streaming and playing for free, you may register again to an eligible GoSAKTO promo to receive your free Watch and Play MBs..

What is the new promo of TM?

TM Call and Text PromosPromo NameDetailsHow to SubscribeUNLITAWAG15Unlimited calls to TM and GlobeText U15 to 8080TXT5Extends your UNLITAWAG15 for 1 more dayText T5 to 8080TXT10Unlimited texts to TM and GlobeText T10 to 8080UNLIALLNET10Unlimited texts to all networksSubscribe instantly at Coins.ph!13 more rows•Sep 18, 2018

Is gotscombodd70 available for TM?

Globe’s promo GOTSCOMBODD70, now GOSAKTO70, allows subscribers to get connected to internet for a week with 1GB of mobile data, for only 70 pesos. Plus, unlimited texts to all networks from Globe and TM, to Smart, TNT and Sun are included in the promo.

Is TM and Globe the same?

TM (formerly known as Islacom, Touch Mobile, and Republika ng TM and also known as TM Tambayan) is a cellular service brand of Philippine telecommunications company Globe Telecom.

Is go120 available in TM?

The Globe Go120 comes with 10GB of open access data and 2GB of GoWiFi access, which gives a total of 12GB data to consumers. In addition, it also comes with unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers. All of these for only 120 pesos with 7 days of validity.

How do I extend my TM surf 70?

To extend EasySurf for another 1 day, load 5 pesos before the subscription expires and text EZ EXTEND to 8080. To stop your current EasySurf subscription, just text EZ STOP and send to 8080. You will received an SMS notification from TM regarding the information of your promo.

How do I register for easy surf 70 in TM?

You can subscribe to EasySurf promos through text, by dialing *143, or via the TM app or the GCash mobile wallet.Text to 8080. The easiest way to subscribe to EasySurf is to text the keyword to 8080. … Via *143# Another way to register to the promo is to dial *143# and navigate to EasySURF. … Via the TM App. … Using GCash.

Is gosakto70 available in TM?

GLOBE/TM Prepaid :GOSAKTO70 now Offers up to 9 GB DATA & All-Net Texts For 70 Pesos in one week. – 1GB of daily data for Facebook and Instagram, Videos and Games during the validity of the promo. … For more info, text WNP INFO to 8080. Your free 1GB for videos and games just got better!

What is FunALIW TM?

TM EZ90 FunALIW • 2GB data. • 7GB Facebook, YouTube, Mobile Legends, TikTok & More (1GB / day) • 1GB GoWiFi Access. • Unli Texts to all networks. • Valid for 7 days.